Restoring Old Photos

example of a photo that has been restored

A lot of our customers have old photos that may have mould on, may be torn, damaged, ripped etc. We offer a variety of services for these photos from full restoration through to person or background removal, and we can even make an old black and white or sepia photo in to a full colour one.

We don't work on your original, we scan it in at a high resolution. We can work from photos, negatives, positives, slides and even from photocopies.

The costs depend on the difficulty and the time it will take to restore. Prices typically vary between £15 and £45 for the restoration. You then only pay for the prints that you may require. If you bring in a USB stick, we will happily put the restored image on to that for you as well, preserving that image for evermore.

Background Removal

example of a photo that has had its background removed

We offer a discounted background removal service (see example above). This is ideal for turning a photograph with the subjects looking great but with a background that is distracting. Price is usually £15 but can be more depending on the intricacy.

IMG_5388-1000.jpgwaters 1-1000.jpg

Person addition or removal

We can add or remove people from a photo (quite often this is used when you have a great picture of a husband and wife and they have been through a divorce). Or maybe you want to get rid of the mother-in-law from that perfect photo :)