What do you want from a website

Some of you reading this may know that you want a website - but do you know why you want one? Where as a few years ago, most people would head to the yellow pages and use the phone, more and more people are using the internet - from their computers or even their phones. You have probably been told you need a website, or you are aware that most companies have one - but what do you want to achieve out of it?

A leaflet or brochure

A lot of websites are really just a leaflet or brochure but with the advantage that you don't need to reprint thousands of leaflets every time you need to update it. It can act as a reassurance to your customers and of course you can add photographs, examples and testimonials to your site to show off your services or wares. You can tell your customers your opening hours or provide them with a map of how to get to your premises.

Content Management

A lot of companies as well as groups and societies have more complex needs and want to add or change content on a daily or weekly basis and have them organised in to some kind of sense. That content could be anything from articles through to videos, photographs, music etc.

Analogy Alert

If you have 5 books and only a few friends that you will lend them to, then you only need a 'normal' website. If you have a lot of books and a lot of friends then you need to have some kind of site that organises it for you. This is where a content management system comes in to play.


Some companies want to sell their products on line. Please do not think that you will make millions from this (unless you have some unique products) but it can be a great way of generating extra revenue.