Welcome to the Barkers Photographic website. Barkers Photographic has been established in the seaside town of Great Yarmouth since 1921 founded by Mr John Barker. It has been in his family for three generations and in 2012 was purchased by a management buyout.

As well as a photographic studio with three full time professional photographers, we have a full 'wet lab' offering prints from your memory cards, CDs, phones (including iPhones) and even from existing photos. We offer a fast turnaround (usually within half an hour for photos) and can print up to 24" x 60" on site.

Our personalised photo gift services include mugs, phone covers, ipad covers, cushions, clothing, clocks, keyrings and personalised frames. Although we usually take up to 5 days for this, we can often offer a same day service for a small surcharge.

We additionally offer Passport and Visa photos (as well as ID, Disability badge and Driving Licence photos). These typically come as a 45 x 35mm photo on a grey background, but we can also offer different sizes (50mm x 50mm or 2 inch by 2 inch are common sizes) as well as a variety of different background colours.

We offer a variety of Restoration Services - from simple copying or duplicating an old photo to a full restoration and re colourising photos. We have a number of customers in Gorleston and Great Yarmouth. We can take out backgrounds, take out people and do wonderful other things - just pop in to see some examples.

As well as restoration, we can also convert video cassettes (VHS) to DVD. For slightly older videos, we can also offer conversion to DVD for 8mm, Super 8mm, 16mm and 9.5mm. In fact, if there is any format that we don't mention, call us and we will endeavour to find a way of converting your memory.

Outside of the shop, we offer a variety of professional services, including wedding photography, school photography (we are the only Accredited School Photo Pro Photographers in Norfolk) and we offer a variety of Event Photography services - from Black Tie events (including Round Table, Rotary and Masonic Ladies nights) through to Football, Rugby, Hockey and other sporting events. We offer printing on site (as well as after sales on line) with prints sizes available from 6" x 4" through to a massive 12" x 8". Our prints come in frames, mounts or folders depending on the event.

Unlike most small companies, we have over 10 printers which means that we can cope with most events, and can quickly rectify problems if there are any issues - which is one of the reasons that we work (or have worked) with companies including:


Video / Cine Transfer

We can transfer a variety of products on to DVD including (but not limited to) VHS, Camcorder tapes (include Video 8, Hi8, 8mm and mini DV) as well as SD Cards.

We also transfer 8mm, Super 8mm, 16mm, 9,.5mm and a variety of other media. We haven't been beaten yet!

background removal photo

Background Removal

Ever had a photo that you took which was great but had a distracting background, or maybe a lamppost was sticking out of someones head?

Well let us turn it into something you can treasure by simply removing or altering the background. Prices start from a very reasonable £15.00

restoration example photo

Photo Restoration 

People are constantly amazed at how we can restore a photo from many years ago (and with rips and tears) to almost as good as the day it was taken.

We simply work from a digital copy (leaving your photo untouched) and digitally enhance it until the photo is as good as old.

Companies we have worked for

Below are just some of the well known companies that we have worked for in a photographic capacity.